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Jukola 2011 1st leg - a short view to forking and mistakes through GPS

Here's a quick look at how some of the top teams ("todellinen kärki") managed in the first leg of Salpa-Jukola. Also some estimation about the difference between some route choices and different forkings.

Halden has a small gap when the teams depart

Haldens gap is pretty much the same after 1st control

Teams are almost at the same time on their second controls

Basically no mistakes so far. The forking of KR & Halden is about 45seconds faster than the one run by AngA & Terä

Before 5th control the gap is pretty much the same

Mistakes by Halden (~1min) & KR (~1min 15sec)

Delta makes a better route choice than Halden & KR...

...and gains about 50 seconds compared to Halden. The forking run by Halden, KR & Delta seems to be about 35seconds faster

Halden & KR lose about 20 seconds not going as straight to 7th control or just too much (slower) people to overtake

Haldens forking is clearly the fastest. Delta overtakes some teams going straight through the green to 10th

SNO & KR lose about 30 seconds on their forking. Delta is really fast on this part.

The gap between KR & leaders stays the same

KR gains 30 seconds through the shortest forking

Aproaching 16th controls - the gaps have stayed pretty much the same

AngA & Terä make a 20 second mistake. KR loses about 30 seconds on slower forking. All in all, all the forkings on controls 14-17 are pretty much equal

On the 18th control KR has gained ~25 seconds with strong legs

No big problems here. Delta & Halden run through the other forking after their own control. This is a mistake for Delta because of the following route choice. AngA & Terä catch Halden

Some variation on route choices. Delta loses 50 seconds compared to Halden

KR loses about 20 seconds compared to Halden on 20th control (maybe 10 seconds on a route choice and a small mistake aproaching the control). Linne, AngA & Terä lose about 20 seconds on longer forking. All in all, the forking of Linne, Terä & AngA on the last forking pair (18-21) is about 10 seconds faster

Going to the last control all the top teams run the same track made by women

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